The injury…

Sad to report that I injured my foot from being careless and goofy.  I punctured my right foot with an axe on Tuesday.


No breaking in my NEW boots until the swelling subsides.

Good news no tendon or vein was hit; weird, but grateful for that.

I won’t be doing that again.  Gotta stay focused on training and getting ready for April.

Until next blog post 🙂

Vida aka Life


The gear…


Yesterday we finally made the trip to Victoria and made a decision and purchased new boots and backpack at Mountain Equipment Coop.

I bet your curious what boots & pack I got….

THE BOOT – the very first boot I tried on about a month ago was the Zamberlan made in Italy and it fit like a glove; sadly the local store didn’t have one size larger (I needed a size 7 for wiggle room).  Then a few weeks later tried on a Scarpa brand and impressed; great ankle support, fit nice in the heal however was too tight in the toes; not a lot of wiggle room and the store didn’t have a larger size.

Yesterday tried on a few other brands; I decided to purchase the size 7 Zamberlan boot – the very first boot I tried on – my heel sunk in perfectly, lots of wiggle room and when I tie them properly great ankle support 🙂   I wore them around the store as well as around Victoria and super comfy.  Tonight going to do a 6 km walk in them and get a true feel for them.

THE PACK – again a month ago tried on some women’s packs and the very first one I tried on was a Deuter pack for women.  This is the pack I did end up purchasing and for many reasons.

1.  easy to adjust for hip positioning
2.  padding along the lower back and hips
3.  built in rain cover
4.  breathable (along the back)
5.  lots of pockets for separating items
6.  45L however can go up to 55L if needed
7.  can access items from the top or along the side
8.  separate compartment for dirty clothes on the bottom of the pack

The two major items for me to start training I have and that is so important to me right now.

THE RAIN – Living on the west coast of Canada it has been constant rain; for days and days and days.  The rain has been so major here that our highways cannot drain the amount of water fast enough causing major puddles and for those inexperienced or have shitty tires are losing control and wiping out.  There has been major accidents (single car from what I’ve seen) along our highways here on the island.

Due to all this rain; I decided to opt out of the tent right now and buy a poncho.  While at MEC; asked if there was any poncho’s?  NO  don’t sell them.  Both Victor & I were like WTF why wouldn’t you; we live on the wet coast LOL.  We finished up our purchases and left the store and just across the street was this store called Pacific Trekking.  I’m like wonder if they have a poncho; sure enough they DID!!!!  I purchased the yellow poncho (for visibility) cause the only reason I would wear it is when it is pouring rain – like today 🙂  the Poncho I got was the JR Gear Poncho.


Will be trying out this poncho tonight; report back how well it handles our super wet and windy weather tonight 🙂

This is the first of the gear and in the new year will start purchasing my other gear; like tent, camp stove, sleeping bag, clothes, etc.

Can’t believe April is right around the corner and I know it will come FAST!!!

Vida (aka LIFE)