17.6 kms; 30+lb pack walking the inner city and the awesome personal connections…

Seriously proud of my body and extremely grateful for all the years of boxing, kickboxing, cycling, hiking & weight training – muscle has memory even after  you haven’t been hardcore for a few  years 🙂

After the 40+ km walk Sunday I was sore and when I stayed still for too long my body would stiffen. The following morning my hips were so sore that I was walking with a slight limp.  Asked for advice from my yogi and extreme athletic friends re: stretching for the hips.  Grateful for the many words of advice and I took most of it and applied and by mid day my hips were relaxing and I was good to go on a another hike (small local hike) and it felt great.  This is when I knew I could take on another (not as long) walk Tuesday and I did just that.

Tuesday, January 26th I started the day purging.  The original plan was to bring the pallets out and sort them; then take a picture and post to facebook for those that would like to come pick up; however it was cold, windy and raining so I decided to set up a table inside and bring all my tools inside and start sorting through those; still a work in progress 🙂  I also wanted to chill a bit and have some ME time before I began my next walk.

I’ve done many inner city 10+ km walks for quite some time now; this particular walk was awesome because of the encounters I had along this walk.


Where I currently reside it is super easy to plan awesome walks.  Instant access along the Nanaimo Parkway Trail or the E&N trail as well as many roads with scenery of the ocean, lakes, forests, mountains.

This day I planned my walk along the E&N Trail to Country Club Mall; then across to Departure Bay Rd. then along Hammond Bay Rd. to my final destination (Victor’s house) in North Nanaimo.


The first part of the E&N trail I past a fellow cyclist Allen and we gave each other a side five :).  As I was walking up to Departure Bay Rd along Norwell Drive I saw this elder lady walking towards me and I stopped to let her by and noticed she was somewhat distraught; as we approached each other I said “hi how are you?” and her very quick response “I’m not good” got to chattin with her and she is having issues with the allopathic system.  Her reply to me was “I’m allergic to my doctor” so we got to chatting more and I shared that “I don’t have a doctor so I’m unable to assist with a referral however there is an awesome organization Nanaimo Citizens Advocacy Association that would be able to help out and be a voice for you.”  she was so grateful and I asked her “would you like a hug?” and her reply back “yes” and then she asked me if I could spare a twoonie for coffee and of course I gave her a twoonie and she was happier after we went are ways.  It doesn’t take much time to stop, listen, share empathy or support and go about your day.  After this particular encounter I had more of a bounce in my step 🙂

I continued down Departure Bay Rd. and everyone that I past by I said hi to; some responded back some didn’t.  I approached Hammond Bay Rd. and stopped and stared at the ocean below and then continued along Hammond Bay and there was a runner in his zone approaching me and I put out my hand for a side five & smile and he responded the same  🙂 I enjoyed the remainder of my walk along Hammond Bay and just past Neck Point I was crossing paths with a Japanese student and said “hi” he replied the same then came running back to me to offer me his day pass for the bus.  I was so happy at this gesture that I replied thank you so much; I’m good I would love for you to pay it forward to someone else.” He bowed and smiled thank you and I will 🙂

I continued on and about 2 blocks from Rutherford Rd. there was this elder man standing there perplexed.  Just before I approached him he was talking with two other females and those females continued on and I stopped to ask him if he was waiting for a bus. He replied “no I’m not I’m trying to get back to Rutherford Mall”.  I replied back “okay; you are close; you just past the main road a few blocks up would you like to walk with me up as I’m going that way” which btw I was not; however I had no issues changing my plans to accommodate this elder to help him feel more secure with the area.

This elder his name is Al; he just moved here from Ontario and he has visited (vacationed) Vancouver Island for many years.  Late last year he decided to move here.  He is an avid walker, as well played racquetball for many years until his knee failed him.  He still walks despite the pain in his knee.  He is 80 years young and is traveling back to Ontario to finish off a project (working project) he is also a writer (I’m like yes he can write; that is not my strength; I know I will run into him again and will share my contact info with him in hopes he can take my blogs and make a story from them)….BTW he hinted at this too.

He of course wanted to know more about me.  This part is awesome:

I shared with him that I’m training as part of my trek across Canada leaving April.  He replied “Really; I just met another woman who is also doing this; I met her a few weeks ago”  I stopped and thought really that is cool; how come I haven’t heard of her…turns out I was the woman he encountered a few weeks ago by Country Club Mall and we both laughed out loud and hugged and were like that is awesome.  We continued walking and he was so kind to say “if I’m slowing you down; please feel free to keep going”; my instant reply “um no you are not; this is awesome; this is what my journey is about interacting with people and sharing stories being kind  and finding the kindness in others”.

It hit me then that my journey is about finding the kindness of others and hearing their stories and sharing with the rest of the world.  I had no clue why I was doing this; I knew that it would come together for me and that I would figure it out along they way.  Having faith in a dream is really all it takes to seriously take the first step.  Even if you don’t know why; feel it, live it and then proceed from there – the answer to your “why” will come to you.

Be kind; because you cannot rewind 🙂

Vida aka Life


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. V Lynne Stafford
    Feb 22, 2016 @ 20:43:06

    Vida, don’t say writing is not your strength. Your style is not flowery, but it is direct, easy to follow, personal, honest, a voyage of discovery, connective, eloquent.


    • vidaakalife
      Feb 23, 2016 @ 11:52:36

      Thanks Lynne :). It’s funny that we suppress experiences and lately I’m remembering that I use to write poems when I was abt 7-8 yrs young. It would be awesome to find those poems. I’m feeling this deep desire to write poems again and looking forward to my walk that it will all come back to me 🙂


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