The beginning of my trek – first day…

With only an hour and half sleep; went to bed at 2 am – woke at 3:30 am to catch the 5:15 am Tsawwassen ferry; I was very tired and hungover 🙂 me at the ferry terminal

Spending time with Victor meant more to me than sleep.  Victor and I spent the evening together laughing and playing our own version of music trivia. Which was exactly what we both needed to do after a day filled with numerous emotions.

The start of the trek – AMAZING.

The best part about waking up before the sun; is the sunrise.

sunrise - best

I do have to admit I was dreading my first trek off the ferry; to my surprise it was absolutely stunning.  Had the ocean on either side of me; birds and birds everywhere and not much traffic.  As I was walking along the highway and stopped in at the rest/area info stop.  In behind the map; to my surprise; was the home of hundreds of heron.  It was like Jurassic Park – I hung out there for at least 1/2 hour; because I was so in awe.


I continued on into Delta and the directions had me go down 56st and I followed the bike route to get to the Boundary Bay Dyke Trail (BBDT) which took me through residential areas and that is when I saw this massive Lilac bush.  Lilacs are my favourite flower.  WHY?  Lilacs last about 2 weeks and they smell so pleasant.  I picked one and smelled as I continued on.


Getting closer to the trail head; I stopped in at the South Delta Rec Centre – went inside to get more water; wet my hat and splash my face.  It wasn’t even 10 am and it was already HOT.  Arrived at the trail about 11:30 am; and found a nice shady space on the sitting on the beach enjoying the viewbeach….and enjoyed lunch; read my book.

The BBDT is approx. 20 kms one way; having already walked 7 kms to get to the trail – I took my time and enjoyed the moments and the views; especially Mount Baker.

Due to the heat I searched out cool spaces to rest and I found this awesome space under a few trees and I decided to take a nap and rest for a few hours before I continued on to find a space to set up camp for the night.  The BBDT is very busy with cyclists & walkers and quite a few commuting on bike.  I highly recommend if you enjoy non-stressful cycling; this is the trail to do.  If you are from Vancouver Island – a great day trip.under a tree along the beach resting

Along the trail I noticed these road signs:

Goudy Road and Benson Road – both with Historic on them.  I’m still not quite sure why; I’m still trying to find out more info.  If you know please comment  🙂


Finding a place to set up camp was challenging as one side of the trail is ocean and the other side is ALR (farmland) – I did find a place; however I was visible to anyone walking the trail.  I even heard people walking by saying I thought you weren’t allowed to set up camp here….anyway I had a horrible restless sore sleep – mostly because I felt uncomfortable.


Got to chatting with a dad and his two young sons as they were curious about me and what I was doing.  Dad shared with me that he is really wanting to start hiking and being outdoors more and is encouraging his sons to join him; however his wife is not interested 😦  The sons asked me if I was scared of wildlife; and of course I responded “no, you have to know how to behave when you encounter wildlife plus wildlife don’t like humans”.  We went our separate ways and later in the day we crossed paths again and the dad gave me his water.  There is absolutely NO water source along the trail.  I had to ask a landscaper if he could fill my water bottle for me – I was very grateful for the dad to give me more water.

I also got to meet Matthew; I was resting and he approached me asking if I need a ride….we got to chattin and I shared what I was doing.  We must of chatted for about 45 mins.  Matthew has a place in Victoria; however works in Burnaby as a scientist and is currently working with a team to find a cure for Hep B.

Other than random passing’s and a very friendly farmer (who allowed me to trespass on his property to get to the trail head); it was a lot of hellos and smiles.  Most people kept to themselves.

Stay tuned for Day 2 🙂

Vida aka Life

view of the landscape

A bit of a teaser view of the mountains along the BBDT


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  1. joy Lacey
    Apr 20, 2016 @ 20:01:33

    read and enjoyed .. ralk on!


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